Soldering Arduino shields for Robo Klub

Technology, depending on the century, can mean many things. For us it can mean learning new computer skills, using a 3D printer or learning trade skills like plumbing or solar installation. We have embraced all the technologies that can diversify people’s skill sets and help them find a job. We strive to find local and international faculty that can give a quality education in these areas.

Learning to be a “tinkerer” in any of these skill sets can be the start of innovation. If our students are not afraid to take a machine apart, what can they make when they put it back together? A solar panel that follows the sun? A plastic recycling machine?

Finding great faculty and students is only half the battle. Creating the space with the proper equipment for learning a solid competency is crucial to our success. We are always looking for donors to increase our lab facilities to insure the students have the best education possible. If your motivation in helping others is to provide resource, or tools for success, please contact us. We have a list of tools and equipment needed for classes.

Classes currently available

  • Plumbing
  • Tiling
  • Electrical Installation
  • Window Installation
  • Basic Computer, Word and Excel
  • Level 2 Computer, Powerpoint
  • Web coding
  • Youth Robotics
  • Digital Music Production

Classes in Development

  • Mechanics Class
  • Solar Academy
  • Data Analysis
  • Full stack Coding Bootcamp