New Building

Finding the Room

Where does the homework happen? Where does the dialogue and exchange of ideas happen that is crucial to expanding our concept of the world around us and how we can affect it? Where do the motivated students and members who do not want to stop, continue their work?

We would not be successful if we didn’t have community of idea and change makers. It is a challenge in our current building. We only have 3 classrooms and a small area that fits 4 or 5 people by a window. As most of the classrooms are occupied between 3 pm and 7 pm, the community hangs out in this tiny space. This is where the exchange of ideas and where real innovation happens.

At times we have 7 or more people doing homework on computers, having meetings, editing films, visiting friends, planning projects and so much more. Our community cannot thrive and excel without healthy social spaces to collaborate in. The new building has a large hall and a garden where our community can sit together and plan how they can improve their town. In the my previous job, I worked with a team to create a development plan to improve facilities for a university and social spaces was one our more important focus topics.

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