New Building

Our Dream School

Jakmel Ekspresyon has outgrown our current facilities due to the popularity of our classes. There is no room in our schedule for advanced classes and each classroom can only facilitate 15 students. There are the possibilities to add a comprehensive full-stack coding program and a solar academy to our curriculum but we do not have the space.

The staff has identified a unique building in town. It is a small high school building that was damaged in the earthquake. Due to the damage, it is the only school building in downtown Jacmel that is available. It fits all of our growing needs.

We have been fundraising and have a goal of $54,250. This will enable us to rent and rehab the building, pay rent for our current building and fund our operational costs. While most institutions run on a budget that is considerably higher, we are able to give more for less because of the commitment of local volunteers. We have already raised $43,000 and need your help to reach this goal.

Here’s why your donation counts!

  • Student population increase from 180 to 480 students per session
  • Classroom increase from 3 to 8
  • Increase bathroom facilities
  • Increased social spaces for local initiatives, projects and meetings
  • Addition of 2 new programs
  • Additional advanced level classes
  • A space for graduations, theater, film and exhibitions
  • Larger office for 3 staff members
  • And so much more……..

Click below to download the project pdf