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It Takes a Village and Some

Our success is based on community partnership. First and foremost it is dependent on the brilliance of our members at JE to define what they need in their own community. It also takes a broader community to make those dreams and motivations a reality!

There is a saying here, “If you only have one finger you can’t eat ocra, but if you have two fingers you can eat ocra” or simply “Together we are stronger”. You are the second finger helping to secure the future of young Haitians. So how can we help?

Architectural rendering

Help us achieve our dream school and donate today! We have raised $70,445 towards our Phase 1 buildout. We need another $14,505 to have a secure building to start classes. This does not include finish work to cover cinder blocks, ceramic or paint, but those things can wait. Ever donation counts.

Zelle a donation to our US foundation, Jakmel Community Empowerment Foundation (JCEF):

Choose Jakmel Community Empowerment Foundation on Amazon Smile and Amazon will make a small donation at no cost to you!

We need materials for the students to practice and learn with. You can also check out our needs on our wish list.

  • Screen printing screens
  • Fabric
  • Small tools
  • Office supplies
  • Sewing supplies
  • Industrial sewing equipment
  • Computers
  • Iphones

We also need funds to run the facilities and pay the staff. We try to buy local whenever possible to be socially responsible to our community. Every small and large donation counts. Click here to make a donation to support a truly sustainable Haiti.