A Permanent Home

Over the past few years we have been looking for a permanent home for JE. With the help of some amazing donors we have raised enough to start negotiations. We wanted to rehab a beautiful school that is in disrepair and bring it back to life. The owner of the building unfortunately did not accept our terms and stopped negotiating with us.

Since then we have been looking for a suitable piece of land that fits our needs. Those needs include; visibility, in town location for accessibility, enough land to create a small campus of three or four buildings and an outdoor social space. We need four classrooms, a performance and arts center and an office to start. This is alot on a small budget of $43,000 that we have raised.

Why is this important? The youth don’t receive a good education and the problems in the educational system are so rife with problems that many times the students or professors are protesting. Staff don’t get paid. Classes are all memorization. In a digital age most youth only use their technology skills to use Facebook but don’t know basic programs such as Word. Only 5 out of over 200 schools have computer labs but most of those labs don’t have electricity. So the students aren’t getting an education that allows them to join a competitive job market. JE fills in those gaps.

We need to fill the educational gaps in a creative way that motivates the students want to learn. We need to show how all this knowledge works in the real world. We need to use the local and historic culture to make the knowledge representative of the youth we are teaching. We need a campus that is beautiful, a space that inspires.

A new home allows us to leverage our community to make greater impact on the local economy and for the future of Jacmel. We need more help though. Our dream is essential to the future of Jacmel. If you believe the youth, no matter where they live need the resources to create a better future, please consider a donation. Our $43,000 will only buy us a piece of land and won’t allow us to build the campus buildings we need. Together we can create a brighter future.