Expanding Horizons

Welcome To Jakmel Ekspresyon or JE. A space of creativity and innovation for the youth of Jacmel. 2020 is both a blessing and a curse for many. For us it is our 10 year anniversary and we are using these difficult times to move forward. JE has two note worthy accomplishments among our many successes this year. Programs Coordinator, Josué Noël, created 16 active Health Brigades that distributed supplies and information for COVID 19 prevention. We have also found and secured a half acre of land in downtown Jacmel for our permanent home and future campus.

This new campus will allow us to build a new Center that fits the community’s needs. Click here to learn more about our new home!

2020 Successes!

  • Distributed solar to libraries, a rural agricultural coop for a solar pump, orphanages, small businesses and after school programs. We are assembling panels now for a couple schools, local Haitian run community centers, and ecologically sustainable start up businesses.
  • We worked with a local Infectious Disease Specialist to train 131 community members and create 16 health brigades. These brigades, with support from our donors, distributed over 2,000 cloth masks made by our sewing students, 200 posters made by our screen printing students, 38 hand washing stations, over 1000 bars of soap, and a couple gallons of both clorox and alcohol. The Health Brigades provided training for 14 Jacmel neighborhoods.
  • We ran Classes in Computer Basics, Sewing, English, Philosophy, Psychology (student requested), Photography and Video editing.
  • The Mapping and Data students have collected water, tested water, and surveyed 16 different water sources around Jacmel in preparation for an advanced data mapping workshop.

Who are we?

When we started we envisioned a community space focused on skill share between Haitians as well as a space to elevate the local Haitian’s voice.

After 10 years we have found our success in innovation by the local community. We have become more than an arts community center though. We are a small alternative school with a purpose to augment the deficits of the local educational system. Whether that means creating new jobs on the local market with screen printing, teaching climate change or offering advanced computer classes. We know that the students need educational reinforcement for a better life.

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