Expanding Horizons

Welcome To Jakmel Ekspresyon. We have risen to new heights in our support of the community and youth in Jacmel, Haiti. We have maxed our capacity and need your help.

We are in negotiations for a new building that will triple our impact and allow us to offer new and advanced classes. We have a goal to raise $54,250 in the next 4 months and we are almost there. We need $13,000 to achieve this goal. Click here to support the youth of Jacmel today with a donation that will prepare them for a brighter future. Click here to find out more on how this building will serve our future aspirations!

Jakmel Ekspresyon was founded in May 2010 by 7 Haitians and 2 Americans. Together we discussed the needs of the community and realized the town of Jacmel needed a space of non-discrimination to serve the population equally.

When we started we envisioned a community space focused on skill share between Haitians as well as a space to elevate the average Haitian’s voice.

After 9 years we have found our success in innovation by the local community. We still have the majority of our classes developed and run by talented Haitians. We have become more than an arts community center though. We are a small alternative school with a purpose to augment the deficits of the local educational system. Whether that means creating new jobs on the local market with screen printing, teaching climate change or offering advanced computer classes. We know that the students need educational reinforcement for a better life.

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