A New Future is Here

Jakmel Ekspresyon has a new forever home! We are excited to announce a partnership with a local Jacmel organization called, Union of Block Raquette for Development or UBRD. We have had connections with the President, Pac of this organization, Pascerin Raymond, for 10 years and when he heard we were looking for land he proposed a partnership. UBRD has the land and we have the funds to build a community center.

JE and URBD have solidified this partnership and signed a contract for how our partnership works. They have transferred 50% ownership of the land to JE and we now have a deed in our hands for a 1/4 acre of land right off the main road in downtown Jacmel to build a campus.

This past Sunday we broke ground and started construction!

This new campus will allow us to build a new Center that fits the community’s needs. Click here to learn more about our new home!

Who are we?

When we started we envisioned a community space focused on skill share between Haitians as well as a space to elevate the local Haitian’s voice.

After 10 years we have found our success in innovation by the local community. We have become more than an arts community center though. We are a small continuing education school based in the arts, with a purpose to augment the deficits of the local educational system. Whether that means creating new jobs on the local market with screen printing, teaching climate change or offering advanced computer classes. We know that the students need educational reinforcement for a better life.

Location Matters

We have students coming from up to an hour away from the East and West. It is important to be centrally located so students only have to take one form of affordable transportation to get to classes.

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